Larry Wilmore: An Emmy from his peers and no respect from FoxHearing that Fox Fired 'Bernie Mac' Creator-Producer Larry Wilmore, I was pretty shocked. Yes, it's not as popular as they would like it to be, but it's been on at 9PM on Wednesdays, where there's been The Bachelor/ette and The West Wing. I also feel like The Bernie Mac Show has been shuffled around the schedule, a lot, due to American Idol and stuff. I have a feeling they want to dumb down the show a lot, which would be a shame. I guess Fox doesn't want to lose their momentum, but the fact that Larry Wilmore won an Emmy, a Peabody, and a Humanitas Award...well, it says something about Fox. Luckily, NBC seems close to signing him to a deal, which means that at least NBC isn't ruling out a future for narrative television, as opposed to reality TV.
Bernie Mac on Fox.
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