If you live in the East Village or LES, you are familiar with the late-night ritual of drunk guys peeing on the street. We're always suprised at how little shame men seem to have at dropping trough in public, and how indiscriminantly they scatter their urine. On Sunday mornings in particular, everything seems drenched in pee-- trees, apartment building walls, phone booths, etc. While we thought this problem was intractable, happily Joa Herrenknecht did not-- he came up with this beautiful ceramic pee-tree-- perfect for planting in public spots all around town. We envison putting one of these on every block in New York with a bar. The base of the tree connects directly with the sewer, so the pee goes where it belongs. A more naturalistic model comes from Eric Morel-- it could be offered in classier neighborhoods. Sorry, ladies, no solution for you just yet! [Via WMMNA.]