Leslie Jones at the Ghostbusters premiere in July. (Getty)

An awful human hacked Leslie Jones's website, justleslie.com, early Wednesday, posting very personal information as well as nude photos of the actress. The site was taken down around 9 a.m., and TMZ reports hackers had likely "gained access to Leslie's phone or iCloud."

Aside from the photos, and an image of the gorilla Harambe, The Hollywood Reporter notes that her driver's license and passport had also been posted. They added that the address on the driver's license corresponded with the place of residence that is listed on Jones's public records.

So far, Jones has not addressed the cyber attack on her Twitter (but her account is still up), and Jones' reps have also declined to comment.

Last month, as Ghostbusters was making the promotional rounds, Jones's Twitter account was swarmed by a bunch of idiots who lobbed racist, sexist, and outright hateful insults at her. And it seemed that the only reason for this vitriol was because a bunch of dudes didn't want to see a new Ghostbusters movie led by an all-women cast. Things got so bad at one point Jones left Twitter, declaring: "I didn't do anything to deserve this... I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart."

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted at her, asking to talk about the situation, and the next day mega-troll Milo Yiannopoulos—who helped stoke much of the vitriol against Jones—was handed a permanent ban from Twitter (of course, he would go on to portray himself as a martyr of First Amendment rights).

Even more recently, Jones was invited to Rio to report on the Olympics, after NBC realized that the Rio commentary on Twitter was hilarious (and exactly what the network needed to counter some of the bad press it was getting for its coverage).

So, it looked as if the internet was once again a safer space for Jones, but now we get news that some reprehensible Jerk League has launched this cyber assault, which is again likely fueled by pure racism and misogyny.