Leslie CheungIf your Asian or cineaste friends are upset about the tragic suicide of Leslie Cheung, this is why: He was one of the most popular performers of Asia, both as an actor and singer, whose fans were devoted. Also, the scale of his suicide in Central Hong Kong from the Mandarin Hotel on Connaught Road was larger than life as well. Which, to New York readers, amounts to someone of Tom Cruise's fame jumping off the St. Regis onto Fifth Avenue. Though he was a Canto-pop star, his acting choices included edgy choices that few American singers trying to make the acting transition attempt.

Cheung apparently went to the Mandarin's cafe and asked for a pad, on which he wrote this note:
"Depression! Thank you to the fans. Thank you to Prof. Mike [his psychiatrist]. It has been a year of suffering. Thank you Mr. Tong [his companion], Thank you Fei Che [Lydia Sum Tin Ha]. In my life I have done nothing wrong. Why it has to be like this?" [Via Zap2It]

Updated: The Times interviews director Terrence Chang about Cheung's death

The genre of suicides notes is fascinating while terribly sad. Gothamist is reminded of actor George Sanders' suicide note:
"Dear World: I am leaving because I am bored. I am leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool."

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