SantaCon is set to crash its giant sleigh of drunk people into both precious Williamsburg and swaths of Lower Manhattan on Saturday, with bars and KLURB KLURB KLURBS like Verboten and The DL on their list of destinations. Alas, the latter just backed out—

Per a statement from the bar:

After careful deliberation, the DL has decided to cancel the Santacon event this Saturday. We don't believe that holding the event would be in the best interest of our brand or of the surrounding community.

The DL and Dinner on Ludlow Management

The DL, for the uninitiated, is not the worst bar on the Lower East Side, but based on personal experience, it seems like a fairly appropriate spot for sodden Santas to get handjobs in the corner. That being said, the establishment isn't alone in wanting the Santas to stay out. Local group Lower East Side Dwellers put out a plea begging the Slutty Elves to stay away: "In our particular community, we’re the hardest hit,” founder Diem Boyd told the Times. “We’d prefer it just to be an organized event, and eliminate the pub crawl part of it. I think it harms the city.”

We contacted The DL for comment on why the SantaCon has been banished after they were initially told they were welcome, but have not yet heard back. Santas are still apparently welcome at a number of other fine establishments, including 230 Fifth, Bar 13, and the aforementioned Verboten.