A Orchard Street art gallery is masquerading as a Chinese massage parlor, to the incredible irritation of wealthy neighbors upset that the spectacle is debasing their upscale, grit-free neighborhood of Larchmont Manor the Lower East Side. This is just like the time Lydia Lunch went to the community board to complain about street noise disturbing her baby's naps.

Hong Gyu Shin, who owns Shin Gallery at 66 Orchard Street, recently disguised the space to look like the standard seedy massage joints omnipresent on NYC streets, because irony is a weapon oft-misused. "There was some guy, I think in his mid-40s—my assistant had to tell him 'Oh, this is actually a gallery, and we're having an exhibition,'" Shin told artnet News. "He was really disappointed."

Can you imagine, a person looking for a massage and/or hand job inquiring about a massage and/or hand job in a space specifically masquerading as a parlor for massages and/or hand jobs? HA HA, what did you think this was, the LOWER EAST SIDE? He probably thinks you can still buy smack out of a bucket lowered from a tenement window, the foolish rube.

The owners of Shin Gallery may have gotten a good laugh, but one nearby condo owner does not find these hijinks funny, and like any good condo owner looking to invest in more condos, she's decided to sue. Here's an email Shin recently received from one neighbor expressing her intent to file a lawsuit on the basis that the "art" is sullying her real estate interests.

I live up the street. I paid $1.3 million for my condo at 50 Orchard Street. I have contacted the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, and other city agencies to come investigate and slap a fine on you and your trashy installation and front of a massage parlor. There are prices listed on the door. This is no art installation. We've also hired a lawyer to sue Shin Gallery for damages to the value of our condominiums. See you in a Court of Law.

What will the Airbnb'ers think? Anyway, a fake price list and couple of plastic plants aren't half as terrifying as the exhibition on show from now until November 1. Click at your own risk!