blink1.jpg While we thoroughly enjoyed both The Tipping Point and Blink, we never quite thought of Malcolm Gladwell's bestselling books as "movie material." Though interesting and filled with all kinds of fun facts about snap judgments, speed-dating, and the origins of the Hush Puppy madness, they lacked traditional plots or story outlines that could easily be adapted for the screen; they seemed more Discovery Channel material. But thanks to a skinny modelizer with big adaptation dreams -- Leonardo DiCaprio -- we can probably expect Blink, the “intellectual adventure story,” to soon hit theatres. According to Variety, Dicaprio's production company is currently adapting the bestseller, with DiCaprio (obviously) set to star and Stephen Gaghan onboard to write and direct. Supposedly, Gaghan's plans to include a writer character based on Gladwell and various characters out of the book, "woven together into a story." We can only hope DiCaprio intends to play the lead in a curly, Gladwell-afro inspired wig.

In other news: Steven Spielberg's Munich trailer is finally online. The film follows agents sent to assassinate the Palestinian activists responsible for the 11 Israeli athletes kidnapped and murdered at the 1972 Olympic games.