This morning we got to check out the new exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex, called John Lennon: The New York City Years. Opening to the public tomorrow, the exhibit presents exclusive artifacts from the life and work of the former Beatle, as well as never-before-seen items that uniquely commemorate Lennon’s life in New York City.

Yoko Ono was on hand this morning to unveil the pieces to the press, and one item she brought to the exhibit is "Telephone Peace for New York City, 2009"—a white rotary phone that instructs visitors to pick it up if it rings. Yoko said she will call it whenever she remembers. There's also a white wall with sharpies attached to it, which visitors are instructed to write anti-violence messages on—it will later be sent to the president.

Aside from her late husband and peace, Yoko also commented on New York City, saying, "I was here before all of you" (noting she was first here at age 18 before any Japanese restaurants were in town). When asked about all the change going on in the city, she declared, "Change is New York City and it's good."