This photo was taken in 1980: Does Lennon look Republican in it??

Say what? One man is claiming that John Lennon was a Republican at the time of his death, embarrassed by his former radical ways! This all comes from his last personal assistant, Fred Seaman, who worked alongside the musician from 1979 until Lennon's death in December of 1980. According to the Toronto Sun, Seaman "reveals the star was a Ronald Reagan fan who enjoyed arguing with left-wing radicals who reminded him of his former self."

This is all coming out now because of filmmaker Seth Swirsky's new documentary, Beatles Stories, where Seaman also says, "John, basically, made it very clear that if he were an American he would vote for Reagan because he was really sour on (Democrat) Jimmy Carter. He was a very different person back in 1979 and 80 than he'd been when he wrote Imagine. By 1979 he looked back on that guy and was embarrassed by that guy's naivete."

That guy gave "$75,000 to a group planning to disrupt the Republican National Convention in 1972," according to the FBI Files. Which era do you think he wants to be remembered for?