Lena Dunham

and her first television series, Girls, just got nominated for a whole bunch of Emmys, proving Dunham to be a triple threat. The 25-year-old got nods for acting, directing and writing, and upon finding out the news, Tweeted, "I have no jokes to make. This is an amazing morning." (Though she failed to Tweet, "Suck it, Peyser.")

Dave Itzkoff at the NY Times already spoke to Dunham, who takes the opportunity to discuss the critics that took aim at her during the show's first season (the second season is now in production). She said, in part:

"The nepotism one, I was always pretty good at ignoring because it seemed so rooted in basic human jealousy and dislike of other people’s success. There’s just no other way to read that one."

As for not incorporating every type of human "girl" in her 30-minute weekly show, she says:

"It’s going to take a moment to cover the swath of material that I want to discuss on the show. My hope is that the show has a long life and I get to look at so many aspects of what it means to be a woman, of what it means to live in an urban environment. I think it will grow as I grow. I think people will be surprised and satisfied by some of what we’re trying with the show."

And look, the show is already branching out to new boroughs—they're filming on Staten Island tomorrow!