The Basics.Astrological Sign.


Day job./Bad habit.
My day job is my night job: Standup comedian. I write it during the day and share it at night. My bad habit is clothes shopping.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
South Jamaica, Queens or if I'm being fancy, Baisely Park.

Two For YOU.
What's so great about doing stand-up in New York?
The great thing about doing standup in New York is that there are so many places to perform. There is also a quite a variety of audiences: young, old, natives, tourists ... It's wonderful, but it can spoil you. Other places can be a lot less diverse.

Why are female comics funnier than male comics?

What's the best place in the city for people watching?
The 14th Street Barnes and Noble Cafe. Yikes, what a horror show.

Who would you stalk if you were guaranteed NOT to be caught?
Vin Diesel. Of course, in my scenario, he would catch me stalking him, be very flattered and invite me in for a cup of peppermint tea.

What is your must-have fashion accessory this summer?
1)White headphones. Not the IPod. Just the headphones.

2)Spring, summer, winter, fall, it doesn't matter: A great handbag is the best accessory to have and can really make an ensem[ble] shine!

What's your favorite dessert/high carb indulgence?
Sweet Potato Pie. mmmmm.

What is the best spot in Central Park?
I don't hang out in Central Park, but I would imagine the best spot is the one where you're not robbed or assaulted.