Poor Leif Garrett. Unfortunately, we just don't see a real future for this former teen idol who performs tomorrow at Crash Mansion* (tickets go for a bargain basement $11). Of course we watched the Behind the Music that detailed his struggles over the years and tearful reunion with friend Roland Winkler, but it didn't inspire us to download his screensaver or purchase a ticket to see the remains of his once golden mane.

Garrett's been trying to get something going for a few years (perhaps he thought, if Travolta can do it, so can I). He released an album back in 2002 with his band F8, he's got a snazzy website complete with merch and he's been getting some acting gigs/cameos (last seen in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star), but a comeback does not that make. Garrett, if you really want to make some bucks, we suggest giving E! a call and going the Anna Nicole/reality TV route.

*Crash Mansion is located below BLVD.