Brooklyn's own Jonathan Lopes is currently recreating the urban landscape with that hot new art medium: LEGO bricks! (Note to artists: if you want to go viral, use LEGOS. Or paint on MetroCards.) The huge undertaking is small in scale, as it has to fit inside of Lopes's Boerum Hill living room—you can check out all of his work right here. He told the Daily News, "It's challenging to achieve certain aesthetics with the limitations of the brick. I try to get it as real looking as possible."

The obsession started with, what else, a Star Wars LEGO model he purchased 10 years ago. It was about 4 years ago that he began to work on this current scene, which now nearly takes up his living room's entire 400-square-feet; he told the paper, "I want it to look like what I see every day when I walk to the subway."

The buildings in his plastic city are real spots he frequents or walks past in the borough—the Fairway in Red Hook, the Williamsburg Savings Bank (12,000 LEGO bricks!), and even a gardening shop on Hoyt Street are all there. He's nearly done with the model, which will be broken down for parts upon completion, and currently the aforementioned Savings Bank is on display at a dry cleaners at 391 Pacific Street.