Lebowski Fest rolled into town this week for three nights instead of the usual two, and it was probably one night too many. On Tuesday, there was a concert and screening of the Coen brothers comic masterpiece at Terminal 5, followed Wednesday by a bowling and costume extravaganza at Lucky Strike, and then... some sort of awkward what-have-you last night at Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg. By all accounts, the blowout at Lucky Strike was (like last year) the main event, attracting the most dedicated fans and creative costumes.

Last night at Brooklyn Bowl the plane sort of crashed into the mountain. Sure, there was a smattering of well-attired Dudes and Maudes, but the vast, half-empty space was littered with uninspired underachievers. There's nothing wrong with celebrating The Big Lebowski, arguably the funniest movie of the '90s, by having some beers and a few laughs at a bowling party. But either go all out with the costume or don't bother—we're looking at you, dudes who just threw on a bathrobe like you were stepping out for a pint of milk. Brooklyn's not 'Nam, you bums; there are rules.