Suzanne Vega; Photo - NY TimesSuzanne Vega writes in today's Times' City section, about how at age 43, she finally is going after her driver's license. Like many city folk, there's no need for a license, unless you really want a driver's license for ID purposes. Vega's essay is a great look at her Morningside Heights neighborhood (or SoHa - south of Harlem - haha) and the peculiarities of taking driving lessons in New York. Gothamist likes how one instructors says Vega needs to "observate."

Tom's RestaurantOf course, Suzanne famously immortalized Tom's Restaurant at West 112th and Broadway first, pre-Seinfeld (where it was "Monk's"), in her song, Tom's Diner. Yes, "Do do do do do/ I am sitting/ In the morning/ At the diner/ On the corner." During our college years, Gothamist was obsessed with Tom's, getting the big salad, asking for the Broadway... good times.

The official Suzanne Vega website and information on getting your New York State Driver's license.