If you saw Man On Wire then you know that Philippe Petit is one of the more interesting, quirky characters to walk the earth—and that he's the only man to ever have walked a wire between the Twin Towers. Now you have a rare chance to spend two days with him at his Action Maverick Master Class at STREB Lab For Action Mechanics in Williamsburg (which is run by Petit's friend, the amazing Elizabeth Streb).

We dropped by the space on Friday to get a little taste of what the class will be like, and stuck around for a while as Petit fine-tuned what will be his "Theater of Balance." If you want to be a part of it all, you can register here—there are three 2-day classes in August (August 9-10, August 11-12, and August 14-15th) and costs $1200 (deadline for payment is July 19th).

Fun fact: as Petit ran around tightening ropes and teaching his trade, he would often make notes on his yellow pad of paper—on top of which he also kept his glasses and a cassette tape of the Amadeus soundtrack.