The "first Chinese rapper" Jin has released his first single, "Learn Chinese," and the video is on his site. Now, as part of Gothamist has actually had to learn Chinese (twice), we looked at the lyrics:

I ain't ya 50 Cent, I ain't ya Enimem
I ain't ya Jigga Man, I'm a chinaman
Ginseng in the palm of my hand
What's the commotion, you never seen me?
The original chinky eye emcee

"Chinkey eye emcee." This reminds Gothamist of the "let's order some chink food" incident of 1995, where the eternal "You can't say [racial slur that can be used colloquially] if you're not [race of slur] debate" reared it's head. But Jin ain't 50, Eminem, or Jigga Man, but he was shot at few weeks ago in Chinatown, so that solidifies his rapper cred (what the inclusion of Wyclef in the video does for his cred is debatable, though). Gothamist anticipates some crises of conscience for Asian parents in predominantly white suburbs, when their children argue that they need to listen to Jin because he's representing their culture. Reader Ed wasn't sure if this was a step forward or backward for Asians, but wonders if Jin couldn't have a "better looking skanky asian import car model" for the video. Heh. Gothamist loves our readers. Anyway, learning Chinese is not always easier: There are four tones in Mandarin and eight in Cantonese to master.

MTV on Jin.