The time has come today: after they reunited almost a year and a half ago (five years after they broke up with a very public funeral at Madison Square Garden), LCD Soundsystem are finally ready to release some new music. The band is dropping two songs, "Call The Police" and "American Dream," from their forthcoming album at midnight across the world Thursday night—which means if you live in Australia, you could listen to them right now.

Both tracks are described by fans as being very Bowie-esque, and clock in at 7:01 and 6:13 respectively. Here's one Redditor's description: "call the police is very garage-y. quiet beginning into loud guitars, thumping bass guitar and hard drums. reminds me of prime U2, and murphy's singing sounds a bit like bono too. american dream is much more typically LCD sonically, ballad with light drums, synths and keyboards. his singing and the instrumentation towards the end swells really beautifully." If you're really jonesin' for that LCD hit, you can always change your iTunes store location to Australia and listen to a 1:30 preview of the tracks.

James Murphy is fully aware how frustrated fans have been over the last year of waiting for any new music, even as the band has gone on to play multiple festivals and shows on the reunion circuit. He tried to address all the concerns in a long Facebook post today, announcing the new singles and clearing up some confusion about when the fourth LCD album will finally be out: "that's hard to say in specific, but here's some info. i insist that there is vinyl on the day it's released (because... well... because i'm an old person) so it will go like this: finish last mix > get to bob to master > get masters to pressing plant > plant takes X amount of time > records get to distro so that they can go to stores > record released. however long that takes = when the record will be out." Read the full post below.

LCD Soundsystem will likely play the two new songs when they perform at SNL this weekend. Host Chris Pine and Kate McKinnon had some fun with this week's promo, which is set to "Dance Yrself Clean."