Last weekend, LCD Soundsystem announced that their final show as a band would take place at MSG in April, and yesterday, the internet went bonkers when scalpers swooped in and collected an insane number of the tickets to the show. Fans were pissed, and LCD frontman James Murphy was pissed (he sent off some particularly angry Tweets during the day)—but Murphy came up with a solution: LCD Soundsystem announced late last night that they are now playing four more dates at Terminal 5 on March 28, 29, 30 and 31.

Murphy wrote an articulate, sympathetic, funny, rambling post on the band's website titled "fuck you scalpers. terminal 5 shows added," in which he explains his side of the story, his disappointment and frustration at the MSG ticket situation, and the decision to add more shows:

holy shit this here is just to say that we were more than taken aback and surprised about the speed of ticket sales for the april 2nd msg gig, as well as the effectiveness of scalper pieces of fucking shit at getting their hands on said tickets before fans could, and it’s knocked us on our asses.


we didn’t sell out hollywood bowl, and that was with both hot chip and sleigh bells. there was, i repeat, no expectation of our selling this out either. my main concerns at the time were things like ticketmaster charges—how they were going to make the tickets ridiculously costly… we never dreamed some shitbags would try to get thousands for our show. it’s insane.

but it happened. we all looked at each other in horror and sat there. i mean, aren’t you supposed to be psyched? your band sold out madison square garden! i live in nyc, and that’s the place. i saw the jackson’s victory tour there when i was a kid.

but there it was—the shit was gone, and people—not just people, but fucking proper fans—were pissed. nancy from the band tried to buy tickets. failed. i tried. failed. our best friends—not wanting to hassle us for guestlist spots tried—failed. i bought 2 tickets to my own show for 3 times the value like an idiot to see if real tickets showed up. my family got burned. it was, to say the least, weird.


but we’ve come up with the best solution i can think of, as quickly as possible so as to deflate the market for those scalping scumfucks. we’re going to play 4 shows at terminal 5 in nyc leading up to the msg show, and they will include most if not all of the songs we play at msg. the farewell run-up to the last dance. it’ll be the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st of march. obviously we’re going to look seriously at the way we sell these tickets. not “paperless, (i’ve been advised that the “paperless” thing is apparently now illegal in ny… seriously—don’t ask me) but there are some ideas floating around that could be just as effective (though it’ll take a minute to get folks in the door.)

we’ll announce the shows officially early in the week, and tickets will be on sale soon after. we’re announcing all the shows at once, and if they don’t sell out, i don’t care. i just want to give people who actually want to see us a chance to see us. for a reasonable ticket price. and i want to drop the price of the msg tickets being sold by piece of shit scalpers.

oh—and a small thing to scalpers: “it’s legal” is what people say when they don’t have ethics. the law is there to set the limit of what is punishable (aka where the state needs to intervene) but we are supposed to have ethics, and that should be the primary guiding force in our actions, you fucking fuck. and to everyone else: thank you. you rule. don’t let the shitbags win.

i feel like conan o’brien.

Murphy also gets in a self-deprecating jab at himself and his tweets yesterday, writing, "i’m wondering now what on earth could be less effective and more of a first-world spoiled idiotic move than “angry tweets”? jesus." While you're waiting to find out the ticket info for these new shows, Flavorwire has a list of ten bands "to fill the LCD Soundsystem-shaped hole in your heart" that is worth checking out.