Having given up his dreams of a peaceful world filled with harmonious subway sounds and light beer, James Murphy reunited his beloved band LCD Soundsystem after ending the band in 2011 with a very grand, very public breakup (it was called "The Long Goodbye"). The group then embarked on a metaphorical "long hello" tour in the past two years, and that journey from premature retirement back to being one of the best bands in the game has come full circle: you can now listen to the band's long-awaited (and very good!) new album, American Dream. And to celebrate, the band will stage two ice cream pop-ups in NYC Friday which will have you singing, "New York, I love you but I'm lactose intolerant."

The band has partnered with OddFellows for the pop-ups, which will be located in Manhattan (75 E 4th Street) and Brooklyn (175 Kent Avenue) between noon and 6 p.m. today only. In addition to a free scoop of "American Dream-flavored ice cream," the new album will be playing all day at the pop-ups, and there will also be "exclusive merch available."

"The city doesn’t feel interesting. It’s too expensive. There’s a lot of really normal people here which is fine. " — Artisanal Ice Cream Pop Up Shop / Wine Bar Owner James Murphy, August 21, 2017