Say it ain' so, Arch! Archie Comics Publications is suing one of its CEOs, accusing her of sexually harassing employees. According to TMZ, co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit allegedly "barged into a meeting and 'pointed to each [attendee] and said, "PENIS, PENIS, PENIS, PENIS" and then walked out'" in 2009. And then, the lawsuit claims, she did it again in 2010, but yelled "My balls hurt!" for good measure.

The Daily News reports that the company is suing her "in an attempt to bar her from the company's Westchester headquarters and to stop her from attending Comic Con later this month in San Diego." A private investigator's report also details a complaint about Silberkleit "asking if sex toys were stored in an office safe and saying, 'I need to adjust my balls.'"

Nancy Silberkleit is the daughter-in-law of Archie Comics co-founder Louis Silberkleit; according to Comic Bits Online, she assumed the co-CEO position when her husband (and Louis's son), Michael Silberkleit, died in 2008. She told CBO in 2009

"I have never been one to see a glass half empty, but instead a glass that overflows with opportunities and solutions. I think out of the box and I am a 24/7/365 day personality. I embrace learning and strive to be proactive in order to follow my motto to its fullest: to make a difference in the world... While everything is new, it is also familiar because I have seen it all before through Michael’s eyes. I have a vision for the company and I believe in the values that Michael kept dear to him. I plan on taking them and expanding into the new generation without changing the original qualities...The best is yet to come, and Archie Comics are cooler than ever!"