The days of hedonistic party buses filled with boozed-up teens on pleather-seat highs may be coming to an end: lawmakers in Albany want to pass a law requiring chaperones for underage party buses. Perhaps noted party bus crasher DMX could be the first volunteer for the program.

Sen. Jeff Klein, who previously led the charge to neuter Four Loko, proposed the bill, which would require one adult chaperone for every 20 passengers under the age of 21. For double-decker buses, there would need to be one chaperone per floor.

The bill comes after several high profile tragic incidents involving these party buses: this past April, a party bus driver was charged with child endangerment after he drove a group of drunken Long Island high school students to the Hamptons. In 2012, a 16-year-old was killed after he stuck his head out of the roof of a double-decker party bus and slammed into the underside of an overpass on I-95.

Now the question is whether Klein can mandate chaperones for adults who use party buses, since they seem to need some supervising as well: