It's here: Tonight's episode of Law & Order is the one that feature college students' suicide leaps at a downtown college campus. The episode is called "Coming Down Hard":

SUICIDAL STUDENT JUMPERS PUT PHARMACEUTICAL FIRM ON DEFENSIVE OVER TRIAL USE OF ANTI-DEPRESSANTS -- When two college students take flying leaps to their deaths, Detectives Fontana and Green discover that both students were participants in a secret testing program on a new anti-depressant run by a large drug manufacturer that has yielded a high rate of suicides -- and more attempted suicides. A.D.A. McCoy decides to vigorously pursue the CEO of the pharmaceutical firm for second-degree murder but his case hinges on convincing the judge to admit guarded clinical trial info.

A lot of filming occured near NYU, as we reported earlier [we're pretty sure that The NY Sun's Jacob Gershman wrote about this episode, but damn the Sun's subscription model]. The NYU administration and student body can't be too happy about this episode, but it's all in keeping with L&O's ripped from the headlines model. And what do viewers think of the season so far, or have you been wooed by CSI: NY? Gothamist is enjoying the new season as we tend to do, but we miss Lennie very much.

Gothamist on the suicides of NYU students.