Chung chung! It's the moment Gothamist has been waiting for - at least since May 20 - it's the season premiere of Law & Order. And since it's the much ballyhooed CSI:NY vs. Law & Order smackdown on Wednesday at 10PM, NBC is rolling out TWO episode of L&O tonight, starting at 9PM. The first episode is "Paradigm":

Dennis Farina joins the cast as Detective Joe Fontana, a stylish veteran uneasily paired with Detective Green (Jesse L. Martin) when a former female Guardsman from the second Gulf War is found murdered -- and evidence points to the vengeful Iraqi sister of a an ex-inmate at infamous Abu Ghraib prison. However, when D.A.s McCoy and Southerlyn begin to prosecute, they discover that the suspect's lawyer boldly plans to defend his client as an "enemy soldier" -- subject only to the terms of the Geneva Convention. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg guest-stars as himself. .

Yes, the Mayor does guest star! Here's the Mayor's press release about his second appearance on the show [Gothamist on his first appearance].

The second episode is called "The Dead Wives' Club":

When a woman is found dead after a ferry collides with a Manhattan dock, Detectives Fontana and Green become suspicious when they learn that the victim sustained a blow to the head and was seen in the water just before the accident -- and the likely suspect is the ex-wife of a firefighter who left her to marry a rich "9/11" widow. But A.D.A. McCoy soon learns that the defendant's crafty lawyer intends to position her as a victim of post-traumatic stress syndrome owing to 9/11, meaning that McCoy has to overcome extreme emotions common to every New Yorker.

We hear that the L&O crew recreated a ferry crash on Governor's Island in August. It should be amazing to see.

We were reassured when the NY Times' Alessandra Stanley wroteDennis Farina's addition to the L&O cast is "seamless." But we will always miss Jerry Orbach. And we can't help but mention our monumental, "best day ever" visit to the set of Law & Order.