The NY Times examines the Jerry Orbach effect on the latest Law & Order spinoff, Law & Order: Trial by Jury. Gothamist got misty when we read that Jerry was weaker when filming, and that there would be a mention of Detective Lenny Briscoe's death in the fifth episode. However, we've been a little unnerved by the NBC promos for L&O: TBJ, by saying, "Jerry Orbach's final performance" or whatever, because while they are his final performances, the promo seemed...crass. Of course, Gothamist would rather NBC devote an hour as a tribute to Jerry Orbach, so we're biased.

The great When is Law & Order On website has been getting nice press; if only Gothamist could be implanted with this site. And, hey, on tonight's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, ADA Alexandra Cabot (Stephanie March, aka Mrs. Bobby Flay) returns! Gothamist on Jerry Orbach.