As the Hipster Grifter, Kari Ferrell, sits behind bars penning notes to NYC bloggers, her story hit the small screen in an episode of Law & Order. The episode, which aired last Friday, featured a girl named Emma with lots of similarities to our lil' Korean Abdul-Jabbar.

"Emma" worked at a music magazine called Jam (in real life Ferrell worked at Vice); she has a chronic kidney disease, anemia, a liver disease and a heart condition (in real life, she claimed to have cancer); she had warrants out for her arrest in numerous cities (check!); and in one scene there's a romantic segue to her being in bed with a guy, to the guy buying a hot dog (to throw down her hallway?).

See a clip from the show here (and even though it's got "Emma" on the stand being questioned by Executive ADA Michael Cutter, she still manages to grab her crotch in tears and say, "You want this"). Now, does this mean the book can officially be closed on the Grifter?