2006_03_lno.jpgHilarious media analysis from Variety: It seems that since there are so many version of Law & Order out there, the overkill is hurting ratings on cable and NBC! The article is subscription-only, but here are some of the facts and figures:
- The 7PM airing is down 29% in adults 18-49 this year so far (TNT argues that it's up against CSI on Spike and L&O SVU on USA)
- The 8PM airing is down 26% in adults 18-49 (there's also CSI at this time, and then USA switches to L&O Criminal Intent)
- NBC's Wednesday night airing of fresh Law & Order is down 14% (adults 18-49) versus 2005 and 33% versus 2004 - that's when it's up against CSI New York

Yeah, they'll write this same article about the over-CSI-ing on TV in three years. But an important is that the shows still deliver an audience, versus showing some crap (we don't want regular season baskebtall - we want L&O!). But maybe NBC should just develop the Law & Order channel (not just on digital cable) where L&O runs all the time we can finally even out our episode watching. And the cop-and-lawyer show was mentioned in a NY Times article about a filmmaker trying to expose terrible living conditions for chickens on a poultry company's farm. The vet for Wegmans, who is also a professor at Cornell, said the documentary was "overrated": "Those things do happen in chick houses, but this was like watching a show of 'Law and Order.' It makes you think crimes like that happen everywhere in New York City." We'll wait to see the episode where a dead body is found with tons of chickens and chicken manure.