2007_01_laworder.jpgComing this season: Law & Order will definitely have an episode based on the murder of Adrienne Shelly. A reader just sent us a casting notice to find someone to play an immigrant construction worker accused in the crime:

[JULIO CONTRERAS] male, 19-24, Hispanic, illegal immigrant. Speaks English w/accent. He has been working as a day laborer/construction worker in this country for almost two years. He sends money back home to his family in So. America - he is the sole breadwinner for his mother and siblings. He is suspected of murdering Erin Garrett after they argued about his construction crew turning off the electricity in her building. He admits to the argument and pushing her. She fell, hit her head, and was knocked unconscious. Julio swears he did not hang her. He is brought to trial.

In the Shelly murder, Shelly and construction worker Diego Pillco argued over noise. Pillco told police he staged Shelly's body to look like a hanging because he thought she was dead after hitting her (she was only unconscious); he is pleading not guilty.

This Friday's Law & Order involves a star who adopts a baby from Africa.