Chung chung

: BBC America will start airing the British version of Law & Order next month. The press release says, "All scripts have been taken from the U.S. version to retain the grittiness of the original series, but adapted to fit with the British legal system, providing a uniquely British twist." So, instead of going for hot dogs and coffee...the detectives will go for fish and chips and tea?

The first episode "opens with the discovery of a body after a hospital evacuation. An investigation by Detectives Ronnie Brooks and Matt Devlin leads them to King's Cross, a suburb of London, undergoing unwelcome changes. The officers believe they have identified the murderer, but the evidence is less than overwhelming. Faced with a skilled defense lawyer, Crown Prosecutors James Steel and Alesha Phillips team up with the detectives to secure enough evidence to prevent the collapse of the trial." Hmm—we'll watch, but the opening titles are a far cry from Mike Post's iconic, super-synthy Law & Order opening!

Luckily, someone else agreed and made this version:

While we're on the topic, the French L&O Criminal Intent opening seems too much like CSI:

But the Russian L&O: Special Victims Unit opening uses the original's music and style:

In Russia, Law Orders You!