2006_09_chevychase.jpgAnd not only that, they're getting Chevy Chase to star as a star who is anti-Semitic AND has blood on his clothes. What Law & Order season this will be - Cobrasnake-lite, murder victim photographs posted online on Friday's episode - we suppose the sensationalism needs to be extra high now that they are on Friday nights. Producer Dick Wolf said that they are in production for an episode about "a former television star who is arrested for drunk driving," and NBC added, "while wearing blood-soaked clothes, and whose religious prejudice comes out after his arrest." Zap2It says the murder victim is a Jewish producer of the star's show (no word on whether the phrase "sugartits" will be used). Well, it is cool that they got a former television star to play a former television star. Maybe he'll be a former television star with a terrible talk show!

Did you watch Law & Order's season premiere last Friday? Dick Wolf apparently "live-blogged" questions afterwards (though it looks more like a live chat). Things we learned: 1) Liza Minnelli is guest starring as a Patsy Ramsey-ish figure; 2) He loved Sesame Street's Special Letters Unit, and 3) his favorite episode is from the Ben Stone days.