2005_12_catssuspicious.JPGThere are suspicious packages and then there are suspciously cute packages (take a breath and enjoy whatever you want to read into it): The Daily News reports that a police officer found a suitcase filled with cats in Brooklyn yesterday. Someone reported a "suspicious package" (saw something, said something) and a patrol car was dispatched, but the only crime was adorable-ness, as there was a "2-year-old gray Russian Blue mix and three kittens about 6 weeks old." Aww! The cats sound like they were abandoned, but Animal Care & Control will hold them for 72 hours to see if anyone claims them. That sounds like an extra day of holding to us, but maybe that's what the ACC is doing, given the cat-ownership-dispute. But, just think, in two days, you might be able to adopt these cuties - contact Animal Care & Control at 212-788-4000.

Photograph from the Daily News