Gothamist knew that someday Law & Order will filter to the highest levels of government. We just didn't figure that it would be in this way: Fred Thompson, who plays District Attorney Arthur Branch, has agreed to be an adviser to President Bush for the Supreme Court justice selection process. Apparently, one term in the Senate and a role on America's longest running cop-and-lawyer show can launch you into guiding one of the most important decisions for our country! Now Gothamist wonders if Thompson can do anything about Tom Delay's complaining about L&O mentioning him in an episode...or if writers will be trying to say anything about the current administration!

The NY Times' special section on Sandra Day O'Connor; we also enjoy Slate's coverage of the Supreme Court. And check out Justice O'Connor's memoir of growing up, Lazy B, as well as a look at the Supreme Court from Chief Justice William Rehnquist, The Supreme Court.