...but it might be set at "Hudson University," or another fictional city school. Reader Nicola gave us the scoop and these great pictures from yesterday's downtown filming:

L&O was filming around NYU for what I can only assume was their 'Ripped from the Headlines: NYU student take the plunge' episode. Jesse L. Martin was there and Dennis Farina too. (Trailers also read 'Assistant ME', and a Sergeant who's name I couldn't place) First, they filmed a crime scene on 5th Ave, by Washington Square Park and the Washington Mews, then it was over to the Duane Reade on West 4th between Mercer and Broadway. This set I actually saw - a young blonde guy had jumped (or was he pushed???) out of window and had fallen spectacularly onto a new Jaguar, smashing the windshield. Now, they are filming over at 380 Lafayette...

We had wondered if the on the NYU suicides would be referred to on the show...now we're curious if there will be a subplot about a student who lives in the school library or a pot-dealing freshman. Maybe conspiracy with the NYU Trolley or a reference to new first years, Mary-Kate and Ashley, who are now in town (via Stereogum) could be other things actors playing students say. Anyway, from the pictures, it looks like the L&O crew took over Great Jones Street as well, what with Acme in the background of this photo and the Time Cafe in the third photo.


We think Detective Green (Martin's character) would check out a show at Fez, but we're not so sure about Detective Fontana.


And while Gothamist is not really a fan of Elisabeth Rohm as ADA Serena Southerlyn, we must give her props for her hair - it's really evolved since her first season. Perhaps Gothamist needs to do a photo essay on that.


Have you been running into Law & Order in your neighborhood?