Yesterday, the Post revealed the season premiere of Law & Order (Friday, September 22 - new night, people!) would center around "a wannabe rapper - who happens to be married to a wealthy young starlet with a reputation for being careless with her newborn baby - becomes the prime suspect in the killing of an NYPD detective." Ah, it is so great when it's so obvious who they are ripping from the headlines.

But what was unmentioned is that there is a "stalkerazzi" who takes some incriminating photographs of the Britney-esque character. Someone sent us the dialogue from the questioning scene betwen Detective Green and a photographer named Gary Blanchard who is "wearing a leather vest over a wife beater":

Detective Green: What is it you do exactly, Mr. Blanchard? [Blanchard hands them business cards]... Snakeboy dot net?

Blanchard: I take shots at danceclubs and I post them on my site. It's subscriber-supported.

Green: Catering to whom?

Blanchard: The kids I shoot. They see their photo on my page and it's like their 15 minutes of fame.

Ha! Clearly, Law & Order went the Cobrasnake route because he's LA-based - making up a Last Night's Party-inspired photographer would be too obvious.

Law & Order premieres on its new night, Friday, September 22. The new ADA and new female detective will be introduced. And here's the other Cobrasnake & Detective Green image we considered.