Changing faces of Law & Order

It's wonderful to spend the weekend reading a lengthy article about Law & Order and Dick Wolf in the NY Times Magazines, but there's very little new information for us (Dick Wolf created it with syndication in mind, survived cast changes, etc.). Gothamist agrees with McGrath's asessment that while L&O may not thrill viewers, but rarely does it disappoint; however, if we'd like to add that if you're a New Yorker, you do thrill in knowing that it's your street McCoy and Sotherlyn (ew) are walking down.

Yet there was one AMAZING piece of information that we're kicking ourselves for not knowing about seeing: "Barnes & Noble is about to bring out a ''Law and Order'' coffee-table book (bound with rivets, so it looks like a police blotter), which will be on sale with a special DVD." Holy Bail Set for $1 Million! Gothamist has always thought there was a market for a L&O coffee table book - that Dick Wolf IS so smart. According to the press release, one of the chapters, "In the Criminal Justice System" (!!), Wolf will reveal "the personal lives of the detectives and attorneys throughout the history of the series." YAY! Law & Order: Crimes Scenes comes out on October 8, which Gothamist will assume is Dick Wolf's way of saying happy belated birthday to us.

And thanks to all the readers who emailed us to let us know about this article; we checked it out online on Friday as soon as it went live.