Jeero enjoys Law & Order Crimes Scenes

Gothamist is lucky because our readers will email us about many Law & Order related things, whether it's a sighting or a show or an idea. And we love you for it. Here's a round up of some that we've gotten over the past few weeks:

–Rachelle got L&O: Criminal Intent's Vincent D'Onofrio to stop and take a picture with her. Gothamist is impressed with Rachelle's moxie and that Vincent willingly posed – it's been rumored that he's very difficult.
Hatchback emailed us to tell us he saw L&O: Special Victims Unit's Richard Richard Belzer on Tuesday, coming out of Coliseum Books, with a Coliseum bag (of books, we'd imagine). PLUS he analyzes the appearance of Grimaldi's Pizzeria in a Briscoe/Curtis episode.
–Ben Sinclair reminded us about his Law & Order plot generator
–Reader John told us about an interesting Studio 360 discussion about how people are so used to the legal process after watching countless legal themed movies and TV shows, especially L&O
–And Dean told us about Fresh Air's Terry Gross interviewing producer Dick Wolf about his book, L&O Crime Scenes.

Gothamist bought Law & Order Crimes Scenes the day it came out and it gives great descriptions and backstories of the characters (as opposed to the teeny bits they dole out over years on the show) and a glimpse into what it's goes into creating an episode; there's also stark black and white photography of the various victims and crimes scenes from the show, pointing to how realistic the show's producers make things look. And it's a steal at Barnes and Noble, for just $14.95 (originally priced $30). Also available are Wolf's favorite L&O episodes on DVD.