Dick WolfGothamist hero and uber-producer Dick Wolf is developing comedy shows. He tells Variety that though comedies are a priority at Wolf Films, he's not going to be cranking out typical fare; rather, he is interested in comedies can fit with the L&O brand. "If we had produced (a comedy like ABC's) 'The Job,' I don't think anyone would have said anything about that," Wolf says.

Sweet fancy Moses, Dick, bring it on. It's always funny when McCoy gets that perturbed look when Skoda tells him the defendent is indeed insane. Or just Profaci in general. And how can we ignore the Briscoe opening one-liner? Gothamist is thinking Fall Season, 2004-2005, but would rather mid-season replacement this season. Also, how about a live studio audience at Silvercup or Kaufman-Astoria? Or be one of the first to film at the Brooklyn Navy Yard studios? Your call, man.