It was only a matter of time before artists would start absorbing Law & Order into their subconsciousness and create works of art inspired by Dick Wolf's ubiquitous (in only the very best sense of the word) franchise. Artist and entrepreneur Brandon Bird put together Law & Order: Artistic Intent, which recently ran in a Santa Cruz, CA gallery. According to a Metroactive article, Bird got the idea after watching Law & Order on TNT. "After all Law & Order has done for us, I feel it's the least I can do for Law & Order." Brandon Bird, a man after Gothamist's own heart.

Gothamist's favorites in the show are Lennie Grabs a Dog by Brandon Hunt, Pixel Portraits by R.H. Syrett, Tattoo Designs(awesome tattoo of George Huang, aka BD Wong) by Jamie O'Keefe, and Bird's own pop rendition of Detective Briscoe in action, Standard Procedure.

Gothamist had a night of Law & Order's Jerry Orbach and producer Dick Wolf, thanks to the Times.