Aziz Ansari says if you're not hyped for tonight's Laughable Hype Comedy Show then you need to read this review of his last show:

"Aziz Ansari destroyed Tonic last night. Seriously, he demolished the place... The zaniness only intensified after Aziz flipped the f*@k out at his roadies when a plug was accidently pulled between 'MIA' and 'gay marriage'. Aziz went insane and started throwing equipment and water bottles at the roadies who apparently pulled the plug, before screaming that he would fire who ever f*@#ed up after tonights show. Anyway, here's the setlist..."

Okay, so that was really just this review from a Nine Inch Nails show that Aziz applied a 'find and replace..' to. However...Aziz, Chelsea Peretti, Nick Kroll, Jessi Klein, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer promise to bring some Reznor-esque ruckus to Tonic tonight. Please keep the moshing at the front of the stage.

Tickets on sale here and at the Tonic box office tonight. Show starts at 8:30 but get there earlier and have some drinks with us.

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