map08buffalo.jpgSome New Yorkers leave the city for our reasonably-priced neighbor, New Jersey, others leave to start farms, and now NYMag reports that some are leaving for Buffalo, NY. One couple (and there's more than one!) in their 30s recently left their 1.5 bdrm Sunset Park apartment (and $1300/month rent) for the greener pastures of the upstate city, where they enjoy their new rent of $795/month. Just what does one get for that price? Three-bedrooms, living room, dining room, basement, a front and back porch, stained-glass windows, and a separate office...on a tree lined street...400 miles away from what used to be their city of dreams. One of the Buffalonians had this to say, “I don’t miss my old life in New York. I only miss the life in New York I know I never would have had.” Sad, really, but if you too have dreams of stained glass windows...there's plenty available.