So what happens to NBC's late night shows when Conan replaces Leno in two years? The Times reports that, "One move is expected to involve signing Jimmy Fallon, a former star of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” to what is known as a holding deal. It would bring him back to the network and put him in position to be a prime contender for Mr. O’Brien’s job as host of NBC’s “Late Night” show, at 12:35 a.m."

Sure, you probably hate Jimmy Fallon, but let's consider the alternative for a minute, The Times goes on to say that Mr. TRL himself is also asking to be considered. Carson Daly...Jimmy Fallon...Carson Daly...Jimmy Fallon. We'll take Jimmy any day.

In the early 1980s David Letterman signed a holding deal with NBC and by 1982 took his spot in late-night programming, so it seems like Fallon is following those footsteps. We hope it resembles "The Barry Gibb Show" (see below):