De La Guarda at off-Broadway's Daryl Roth Theatre is slated to close on September 12. Gothamist found the show to be more like going to a bizarre rave (with bungee jumpers) than theatre, but it is lots of fun and the music’s great. The show has been a big success, camped in its Union Square–area theatre for 2,475 performances. One of the coolest things about the show is the venue, which is a converted bank, used to great effect for by the kinetic performers. The show itself is described as “Carnival, festival, dance, rock concert and theater." 

2004_08_artsdlg.jpgNorman Cook (a/k/a Fatboy Slim) played last week at the show’s weekly DJ Connection event. These are held every Saturday at 10pm. De La Guarda's DJ Connection summer event debuted in 2002 and has featured DJs such as Manny Lehman, Derrick May, Tony Moran, Dave Ralph, Peter Rauhofer, Junior Sanchez, The Scumfrog, John Selway, Larry Tee, Tiga, Satoshi Tomiie and Josh Wink. Check out the current schedule at their website, and do note cute animation on site.