Coolfer pointed us to this great gallery of pool hustlers taken by Christopher Lamarca. The description of the project:

Starting in January of 2002, I started photographing this community of underground pool hustlers, one of the last remaining social clubs of 'old NewYork'. Over the past ten years pool halls all over the city have been sold and turned into flashy sports bars, waitresses serving martinis to the 'after work' crowd; The players now conregating between three pool halls throughout the entire metropolitan area. The Golden Q just got sold, making the list even shorter. I ask Joseph, an elder of the community how this will affect his lifestyle.

As gentrification continues to spread, property values increase and the streets maybe cleaner, but the character of NYC is vanishing.

There are still many pool halls in New York-- but Chris is right-- some of the grittiest have been closed. Any recommendations for an authentic pool hall experience?