Well, friends, here we are approaching the tail end of summer (which officially ends on September 23rd): it's been fun, hasn't it? The amorous flying cockroaches; the hot squirrels; the mass blackouts; the time Governor Andrew Cuomo described himself as a "cool dude in a loose mood" (yes, that happened in June); the endless ant parades; the heat waves — we will surely miss all of this when it's gone. (Except the quote, which fortunately can't be unsaid, and therefore will never leave.) And turns out, departure day may come sooner than you may have expected! This week's temps have felt downright autumnal, at least by comparison to the hellfire that came before, and it appears Labor Day weekend will bring comparably temperate times.

Which, for those of you who spend the long slog between September and May stockpiling your beach umbrellas, your lawn games, your sand tents, may actually disappoint! But I guess, just take comfort in the fact that summer basically runs until October now, and although the relief of our local dunes will soon be denied you, you'll still... get to make use of that AC unit you're leaving in your window? At least for a few extra weeks.

Anyway, to business: We are, right this very minute, basking in the balmy low 70s, a luxury even after a series of days where morning temps hovered in the 60s and allowed you to walk into work without Rorschach sweat stains down your back. According to the National Weather Service, that trend will continue through the weekend: Friday begins in the mid-60s, with a very low chance of precipitation (roughly 5 percent) but disconcertingly high humidity (81 percent at 5 a.m., shut up). The moisture quotient should at least come down a little, like to 44 percent by 3 p.m., while the heat index works its way up to the low 80s. If you're out of office but staying local, this may be a good day to do whatever swimming you need to get done before summer's end, because these temps may be the warmest temps we see all weekend.

Saturday, according to the NWS, may top out around 77 degrees when you factor in relative humidity, which should drop off the later we get into the day. Temps could peak around 3 p.m., rolling gently back down to the low 60s overnight, then up into the mid-70s on Sunday. At the same time, the NWS predicts humidity will range from about 50 to 70 percent, which may ratchet up the discomfort factor such that you must hurl yourself into the sea. But as you will recall if you hit the Rockaways on Sunday, this kind of weather can make for a confusing am-I-hot-am-I-cold-how-much-of-my-body-should-be-covered-in-sweatshirt-right-now experience, and that's a bummer when really you just want to spend as much time in, around, and with the ocean as possible. Sewage saturation be damned!

Fortunately for those of you who had big beach dreams for your long weekend, AccuWeather is out here telling a somewhat different story, at least in regards to Saturday. They're forecasting a mostly sunny Friday with a low of 65 (which may feel like 67) and a high of 85 (which may feel like 89). The next day, per AccuWeather's calculations, could get as warm as 81 degrees (RealFeel 88, hell yes). But Sunday, even by this more optimistic measure, still looks a little cool to accommodate serious swimming: A high of 75 may, at best, feel like 78. Ho hum but also hard to complain, because at least we don't find ourselves in the path of a punishing tropical storm, as has been the concern for Puerto Rico and much of the South.

And then, maybe Monday — Labor Day — will redeem this less-than-inspiring meteorological showing? It's admittedly a little too soon to tell, but right now, we're looking at a possible thunderstorm in the evening, and highs in the mid-70s that the very humid humidity may bump up a few degrees. That's according to the NWS; AccuWeather sunnily predicts a RealFeel of 83, which would be... acceptable. At least from a beach-going perspective.

Because yes, I hate to say it, but your opportunities to hit Jacob Riis have dwindled almost down to zero: NYC beaches close on September 8th, i.e., one week from Sunday. After that, we'll lurch into the best season of all (fall), which will inevitably last about two seconds before it's all aboard the polar coaster. Screw it, see you at the beach.