The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for most of the city last night as a fast-moving storm swept in and the city recommended residents "stay away from windows." Lightning struck repeatedly for what felt like a pretty long time (10-15 minutes or so?) and reader Kelles described it as "turn on a strobe light, then pour out a bucket of water in front of you." Other readers shared their photos with us—see them above.

There was severe flooding in the streets of Paterson, NJ—one driver who was stuck described his car as a "sailboat" and had to be rescued by firefighters using a raft. And he learned his lesson, "If I see water again, you know what, I'm just going to shut off my engine and go home walking."

If you have photos or video of last night's storm, you can email them to us at or tag them "gothamist" on Flickr.

Update: Here's video from Dan Lurie, taken from downtown Brooklyn. Notice how Manhattan is visible...and then it isn't, because of the clouds!

Thunderstorm over New York City - July 23, 2010 from danlurie on Vimeo.