Last night the City Reliquary pretty much brought the FDNY Calendar to life with a Fire Sale! Firefighters took to the Knitting Factory stage to sell... themselves, all to benefit the Reliquary (which is trying to stay afloat). Bids started at $50 and went over 300 bucks; winners were promised "a real life opportunity to take one of New York’s Bravest out on the town for a night of romance and adventure."

We sent Katie Sokoler to digitally capture the steamy action, and she tells us this gentleman in the video below got the highest bid (he did bring the booty bump, after all). He went for $305! She also tells us that the hostess you see on stage was so flirty that all of the men wanted to bid on her—but bidding only got up to $165, when word got out she's married. And it seems as though not all of the ladies were there to meet the fireman of their dreams, the winning bid for the hostess was actually from a girl.