Photo via cvbryant's Twitter

We prefer to mourn in solitude, and basically prefer everything in near-solitude due to a slight case of agoraphobia and premature elderliness, so we didn't make it over to the Bored To Death wake at the Brooklyn Inn last night. That doesn't mean we don't care! But looking at today's recaps we can say that we made the right decision, you know, for us, as internet chatter suggests the place was packed, with a line around the block. So plenty of people were there to surround Jonathan Ames and John Hodgman with love, including FIPS, who just posted a hilarious interaction with Hodgman himself. In it, he discusses everyone's favorite movie theater, the Pavilion:

I've been there. I went there to see Arthur Christmas—great movie, by the way—there is no business in Park Slope that I want to support more. There's nothing more essential than having a good movie theater. And there is also no reason why it should not be an incredible space. I've been there a few times, and I'm like, "this isn't so bad," but theater 8—it's like Led Zeppelin was in there. I can't believe what happened. And I don't know when it happened. It looks terrible, like a snuff film was shot in there. And I really urge them to get it together, because I want to go there everyday.

And that seems like a nice segue into this piece Ames wrote about his apartment for the NY Times, where he refers to himself as a "malformed Grey Gardens sort of bachelor," and a kipple—"I describe my apartment as a coral reef, as opposed to the ever-thickening nest of a hoarder, because I don’t suffer from hoarding, per se. I am at the mercy of another phenomenon—a kind of metaphysical cousin to hoarding—known as kipple." But don't judge, as Philip K. Dick once wrote, "the entire universe is moving toward a final state of total, absolute kippleization." Ames just got there first.