After our last Lazy Sunday post you thought the meme was dead, right? We'll you guessed wrong, sucka! We'll never let it die, never! Three years from now we'll still be grinding it into the ground, sucking one last drop of cupcake/red-vines/mr.pibbs goodness from the joke. Take this amazing Ebay auction (current price: $71.00!) spotted by Amy:

This auction is for 2 mini-bobbleheads of Chris and Andy as they appeared in this doped out video, sitting atop a talking sound base that features the RAP in it's entirety. Base includes "play", "fast-forward", and "rewind" buttons and music has been transfered via direct line for best sound quality. That's right, I'm giving this fresh beat MAD PROPS. And not just in the normal sense of the phrase... this talking bobblehead(s) features MAD PROPS that be laying down by their feet:

CUPCAKES- a baker's dozen, fool. But they ate ten of them bi+(he$ already! And of course, Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = crazy delicious:

Only three days to go! Better bid quick or you might miss out on this priceless piece of Saturday Night Live memorabilia. You'll have to fight us for it, though-- we've got our Ebay sniping all setup.