Gothamist has been to way too many Tribeca Film Festival movies since it started a little more than a week ago. So many in fact that we almost dread having purchased all those tickets. Last night though, we were happy we purchased tickets for Air Guitar Nation, a wonderful documentary that chronicles the first US Air Guitar Championships and the quest to become the first American to be the world champion. The final screening of Air Guitar Nation is a midnight screening tonight at the AMC Loews on 34th St. While tickets are door sales only right now, Gothamist highly recommends heading over early and trying to get into this movie. It's easily the best movie we've seen at the festival this year (we've seen 5 at this point).

If you can't get into the screening or a movie about air guitar just isn't enough, you can also go to the US Air Guitar Championships on June 22nd, which for the first time are being held in New York. The New York regional was in March which was won by Andrew "William Ocean" Litz (some pictures from the event). Tickets for the championships are available now on Ticketweb.

Photo of David "C-Diddy" Jung - the 2003 US & World Champion and major character in the movie - by Tommi Kohonen