The set was dumped less than 24 hours after David Letterman's final sign-off on CBS, but the Late Show marquee that's been outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater for decades is just starting to come down now. Last night workers began to dismantle the marquee, a job that could take two more days.

As of this morning, it's still got the "Late Show with David Letterman" lettering, so it's your last chance to get a selfie in front of the historic marquee. You know, for Instagram, and your grandkids.

Stephen Colbert will be taking over the show starting September 8th, and will be setting up shop in the same theater—with a whole new set, and shiny new marquee. Gonna miss Letterman's varsity font though...

Now let's mark this historic occasion with 25 minutes of Phish:

UPDATE: Apparently dismantling will begin again at 9 p.m. tonight.